Conversion Story: The Most Important Love

Growing up, I was the son of a father who left the Church after Confirmation and a mother who had no interest in organized religion, or any religion of the sort. The environment at home was unsupportive and toxic. What I did have, however, was a paternal grandmother who was an old-school Catholic.

Bishop of Myra: The True Story of St. Nicholas

Every year during Advent we are barraged with carols, artwork, and traditions about a fat man dressed in red who climbs down the chimney with gifts. There is nothing wrong with the comfort that these images bring to most of us, but it waters down the true story of St. Nicholas, who was far from… Continue reading Bishop of Myra: The True Story of St. Nicholas

St. Catherine Laboure & The Miraculous Medal

Why should you wear the Miraculous Medal? It saddens me that many people, including Catholics, do not wear the medal. Why ignore Our Lady's gift? The medal is a sign of devotion, like a locket with photos of your family.

Conversion Story: From Grief to Joy

By Jennifer Koepl, blogger at TalesofaMom Let’s start at the very beginning…Sorry, I couldn’t resist. This is my conversion story and I can tell you it isn’t over yet. All through my childhood and up until that Easter Vigil of 2008, I was part of what was formerly known as The Reorganized Church of Jesus… Continue reading Conversion Story: From Grief to Joy